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Materials Structures Technology is a peer-reviewed open access journal aimed at the exchange of research works concerning the development of new composite materials, cleaner technologies and processes relating to structural engineering. The main goal of the paper is to introduce both research and review papers of basic and applied research. The key areas of interest: Composite materials development, Durability of cement based concrete, Concrete technology, Renewable materials application, Sustainability in civil engineering, Recycling, Cement chemistry, Surface finishes.



Editorial team

Pavel Reiterman, CTU in Prague


Petr Bezdička, CAS

Barbora Doušová, UCT

Roman Jaskulski, Politechnika Warszawska

Andréa Kalendová, UP

Martin Keppert, CTU in Prague

Karel Kolomazník, UTB in Zlin

Wojciech Kubissa, Politechnika Warszawska

Jiří Pecha, UTB in Zlin

Silvie Švarcová, CAS


Helena Šubrtová, KONSTRUKCE Media, s.r.o.




Mailing address

KONSTRUKCE Media, s.r.o., Thámova 18A, 180 00 Praha 8 - Karlín


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