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Vol 1 No 1, 2 (2018), Vol 2 No 1 (2019)

Table of contents

Performance of adhesive waterproofing as regards of lateral water filtration

G. Dobszay, R. Nemes, F. Andriska, D. Heincz, K. Kovács, R. Reisc and T. K. Simon

Page 77-93

Belite cement as an ecological alternative to Portland cement – a review

Galyna Kotsay and Roman Jaskulski

Page 70-76

New ways of utilizing lime in modern building technology

Yaroslav Yakymechko, Roman Jaskulski and Iryna Lutsyuk

Page 61-69

Measurement of the distribution of polyoxymethylene particle size using the laser diffraction method

Karol Prałat, Małgorzata Łukasiewicz, Piotr Miczko and Katarzyna Lesiecka

Page 50-60

Strengthening of Masonry Pillars by Textile Reinforced Concrete Wrapping of Different Thickness

Ondřej Holčapek, Jan Machovec and Pavel Reiterman

Page 42-49

Introduction to 3D Concrete Printing Technology: A state of the art

Jan Machovec

Page 32-41

Structure of Polymer-cement Composite optimized with Secondary Raw Materials

Petr Figala, Rostislav Drochytka, Vít Černý and Jiří Kolísko

Page 26-31

H2 generation in cement pastes under gamma irradiation: A state of the art

Jaroslava Koťátková, Jan Zatloukal, Pavel Reiterman, Karel Kolář and Zbyněk Hlaváč

Page 18-25

Influence of environmental impacts on sorptivity of concrete with CEM II/B-V and CEM III/A cement

Łukasz Majewski, Jacek Kubissa, Wojciech Kubissa and Roman Jaskulski

Page 10-17

Comparative analysis of dependence of the elastic modulus of concrete on its composition

Grzegorz Sadowski and Roman Jaskulski

Page 1-9

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