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Vol 1, No 1, 2 (2018)

Table of contents

Strengthening of Masonry Pillars by Textile Reinforced Concrete Wrapping of Different Thickness

Ondřej Holčapek, Jan Machovec and Pavel Reiterman

Page 42-49

Introduction to 3D Concrete Printing Technology: A state of the art

Jan Machovec

Page 32-41

Structure of Polymer-cement Composite optimized with Secondary Raw Materials

Petr Figala, Rostislav Drochytka, Vít Černý and Jiří Kolísko

Page 26-31

H2 generation in cement pastes under gamma irradiation: A state of the art

Jaroslava Koťátková, Jan Zatloukal, Pavel Reiterman, Karel Kolář and Zbyněk Hlaváč

Page 18-25

Influence of environmental impacts on sorptivity of concrete with CEM II/B-V and CEM III/A cement

Łukasz Majewski, Jacek Kubissa, Wojciech Kubissa and Roman Jaskulski

Page 10-17

Comparative analysis of dependence of the elastic modulus of concrete on its composition

Grzegorz Sadowski and Roman Jaskulski

Page 1-9

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