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Vol 1, No 1, 2 (2018), page 1-9

Comparative analysis of dependence of the elastic modulus of concrete on its composition

Grzegorz Sadowski and Roman Jaskulski


The paper presents the results of testing the modulus of elasticity of concrete with a different composition. The individual mixtures differed from each other by the weight ratio of the amount of fine aggregate to the total aggregate, the percentage by weight of the cement paste and the w/c ratio. The tests of elasticity modulus of concrete were made twice on the same specimens using two methods, and then the obtained values were compared. The obtained results indicate that with the increase of the fine aggregate fraction in the whole aggregate, the modulus of elasticity of the concrete decreases. It also decreases with the increase in the proportion of cement paste in concrete. A comparative analysis of two test methods of the elastic modulus showed that in most cases higher values of the elastic modulus were obtained in tests performed according to the PN-EN 12390-13:2014-02 standard. However, these differences are smaller than the calculated measurement uncertainty.



Concrete, modulus of elasticity, stress-strain relationship, test methods.

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