Current issue

Vol 1, No 1, 2 (2018), page 32-41

Introduction to 3D Concrete Printing Technology: A state of the art

Jan Machovec


3D concrete printing technology is probably one of the biggest improvements in civil engineering industry recently. It provides engineers with a new way of thinking of the concrete usage. It allows to build attractive structures in a short time, with less human labour and with much less waste. Concrete specimens can be designed in the most efficient way thanks to modern design methods. On the other hand, it brings many problems that did not occur with ordinary reinforced concrete. How can we reinforce printed structures? How strong is the bond between two layers on top of each other? How many layers can we print in a row to keep a desired shape? Can we use one concrete mixture in different weather conditions? All these questions wait to be answered.



3D printing, concrete, cementitious composite.

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