Current issue

Vol 2, No 1 (2019), page 70-76

Belite cement as an ecological alternative to Portland cement – a review

Galyna Kotsay and Roman Jaskulski


Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption is one of the important directions of development of the cement industry. The current challenge is the production of belit cements by 20% lower energy. The article presents a comparative analysis of the different methods of production and resultant properties of belite cements as an ecological alternative to Portland cement. Increasing the hydraulic activity of belite cements is the basic direction of research in many scientific works. The use of various types of mineralisers and stabilisers allows to obtain belite cements with increased hydraulic activity. Modification of the basic belite mineral and the use of highly active additives are important factors determining the production of belite cements with higher early strength.



Belite cement, Β-phase belite, hydraulic activity, stabilizers.

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