Current issue

Vol 2, No 1 (2019), page 77-93

Performance of adhesive waterproofing as regards of lateral water filtration

G. Dobszay, R. Nemes, F. Andriska, D. Heincz, K. Kovács, R. Reisc and T. K. Simon


In order to simplify construction, to decrease the amount of special auxiliaries, to decrease the damages due to faults, to increase safety and to decrease the necessary space, material producers developed such waterproofing systems which can establish mechanical or chemical working together capability with in situ reinforced concrete load bearing structures. These technologies differ significantly from customary waterproofing in practice. They participate in water displacement not as a separate layer, but as the integral part of an underground civil engineering structure. As long as a waterproofing system functions properly, any type is appropriate. The difference becomes significant only, when due to a breach a fault of the waterproofing system occurs. Only from then on increases the importance of the type of the original system. During our studies we punctured deliberately new, adhesive waterproofing systems and for reference a customary membrane all of which were applied on concrete, hence tested their performance as a structure by concentrating mainly on lateral water filtration.



Waterproofing, lateral filtration, underground structures, membrane system, watertightness, concrete structures, self-bonding layers.

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